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Profiles of cat caregivers in Singapore

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Meet some of the cat caregivers in Singapore who keep cats fed, healthy and happy.


The Neighbourhood Cat Caregiver

Sometimes called cat guardians, neighbourhood cat caregivers tirelessly feed and care for "communnity cats". Community cats usually live in car parks of condominiums and HDBs, in parks or sometimes, industrial estates. An unofficial network of cat guardians work with each other to cover their own 'areas' and can feed anywhere from 5 to 15 cats in a day.

Cat guardians feed and care for community cats out of their own goodwill and compassion for cats who don't have families often digging into their own pockets to buy cat food and pay for veterinary bills. If you do encounter an auntie or uncle cat guardian along the way, a simple smile to acknowledge their sacrifices will go a long way.

The Saint John Island Cat Caregiver

Saint John Island is located about 6.5km to the south of the main island of Singapore. Previously a quarantine station, the island is home to Singapore's Tropical Marine Science Institute, Marine Aquaculture Centre and a colony of around 100 cats.

A small group of foreign workers live and work in the island who also help feed and take care of the cats. Every month, a group of volunteers from the main island also make a trip to Saint John bringing bags of cat food and supplies. The island is a 15-20 minute ferry ride so if you want to experience how to be a cat caregiver for a day, get a few friends together and a bag of cat food for rations.

The Cat Hotel Cat Caregiver

With the same dedication and love for cats as the neighbourhood and Saint John Island cat caregivers, the Cat Hotel Cat Caregiver specialises in taking care of cats whose owners may be out of town or on vacation. A cat owner may also rely on this cat caregiver for help with their cat's grooming needs.

A cat hotel like Cathaus has a team of professional cat caregivers ready to and committed to a cat's welfare, safety and well-being.

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