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How to pet a cat like a pro

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 5, 2016 11:08:14 PM / by Kitty Master

Ever feel jealous when you see videos of cat owners petting their cats and look so blissful as they run through the fluffball's soft kitty fur? Makes my toes curl just thinking about it. Best part is when they fall asleep whie in the middle of a petting session.


On the flip side, perhaps you tried petting a cat once and swore never to do it again because your hands got murdered by the little furry devil's claws and fangs? Been there, done that. All worth it and made me more determined learning how to pet a cat like a pro.

Without further ado, here's your very own petting chart for cats:


via BuzzFeed

TLDR: head and back areas only unless a cat absolutely trusts you. The ultimate sign of trust is when they let you rub their bellies ("certain death area" in this chart). It can happen and it's a magical event.

But again, tread with caution - sometimes, a cat might roll on its back and show you its belly. This is NOT necesarily an invitation, cats can be mysterious with their body language. So when in doubt, follow the chart. Now go forth and practice your petting skills on that next cat or kitten you see.

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