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Seven cats in Halloween costumes that are better than candy bars

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 1, 2016 10:45:46 PM / by Kitty Master

Trick or treat! How about putting that candy bar down and enjoying these impeccable cats in Halloween costumes instead?

1. The Mary Poppins Costume

This cat is a "Pavement Artist" remaining true to the song's lyrics: I does what I likes and I likes what I do.


Photo via Nic C


2. The Cat in Paper Bag Costume

Well, isn't this just genius? It's like a modification, if not improvement of Shrödinger's cat in a box thought experiment. We can observe that the cat in the paper bag is not any bit amused.


Photo via Kris B


3. The Cat in Camouflage Costume

Bearing a special-issue camouflage, this cat is attempting to blend well with its surroundings. It is rumored that if a cat stays very, very still, it's as good as invisible.


Photo via Kenneth B


4. The Kitten Priest Costume

Ok, just kitten. The Internet is fully aware that cats will never develop a system of organized religion primarily because of this reason.


Photo via Debbie F


5. The Tuxedo Cat Costume

Getting a custom-tailored suit makes all the difference. Yea, we can't believe our eyes either at how sharp those lines are!


Photo via Sue Y


6. The Au Naturel Costume

This cat isn't afraid of showing his true colors or flaunting his unique personality. Let that be an inspiration to the rest of humanity.


Photo via Nick C


7. The Lazy Cat Costume

Perhaps the only real contender to the Au Naturel Cat Costume. No further explanation needed.


Photo via Adora D


What'd your cat wear this Halloween? Leave a photo or two in the comments!


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