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Should I bathe my cat?

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"Should I bathe my cat?" is a question contentious enough to divide a house. Different opinions mirror how extreme cats react to bathing or exposure to water in general. 


This cat in particular seems to enjoy bathing, so calm and so relaxed:

While this other cat hates it so much his owner describes the cat as being possessed:

So we asked one professional cat caregiver from Cathaus Singapore Cat Hotel, Nina for her two cents on the matter in an interview.

Ailurophile Gazette: How long have you been taking care of cats, Nina?

Nina: As long as I remember! (laughs) As a Professional cat caregiver, around five years. We do have to get certification for that.

AG: Given your expertise with cats, should owners bathe their cats?

Nila: It really depends on the cat and the owner. But as a general rule, cats are good self-groomers and rarely require any baths. Long-haired cats may need more frequent grooming and help from their owners compared to short-haired ones.

AG: What if they got themselves really dirty? Like with mud or grease.

N: Well, that would warrant bath time especially if your cat is living indoors. You don't want potentially harmful substances on your cat's fur or skin for too long either.

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AG: How about kittens? Can owners bathe kittens?

N: If the mother cat is still around, let the mother cat do the grooming for her kitten. Otherwise, I recommend doing it around weeks 8 or 9. 

AG: Ok, back to the really dirty cat - what should the owner do if they can't get the cat to bathe?

N: Give us a call! Really, it's the safest and less traumatizing option both for the cat and the cat owner. That's what cat caregivers and groomers like myself are here for and we'd love to help in situations like that.

AG: Alright, last question for today - any protips to cat owners and aspiring cat owners out there?

N: So this is totally cliché but it's practical advice...the cat chooses you. And you will need to have loads of patience to get and earn that trust for them to choose you as their human. It's worth it though!


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