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5 Cats With Master Of Arts In Sleeping Anywhere

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 17, 2016 12:15:43 AM / by Kitty Master

For humans, it takes at least four years to get an undergraduate degree, perhaps two to three more for a post-graduate degree...or two. Over the years, one pursues an accumulation of knowledge and mastery while losing money and sleep.

Cats, on the other hand seem to have an innate ability to sleep (forget about money, there are cats out there that are probably richer than most humans). They also happen to have mastered the art of sleeping anywhere. Just look at these five cats that went snoozing and DRGAF.


1. The Carpet Sleeping Style

It might be the warmth, might be the static. This kitty surely knows something we humans don't about sleeping comfortably on carpets.


via Francois W


2. The Tile Floor Sleeping Style

A hard (pun intended) core version of the carpet sleeping style. This cat decided that if it can sleep on hard and cold tile floors, it can do anything such as take over the world when it's not sleeping time.


via Nic C


3. Human Leg Bed Sleeping Style

Human leg gettign cramps? Zzzz...


via Matt C


4.  Human Legs Bed Sleeping Style

Again, a harder core version of the original (see #3). Both legs getting cramps? Hah! You can almost hear cats saying in unison: "All your legs are belong to us".


via Jacob G.


5. No Sleep Style

This cat lives by the rule "sleep is for the weak".


via Adora D.


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