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The dummies' guide to cat playdates

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Can cats have playdates? Yes! Cat playdates are a real thing and might just be the next best thing to automated laser toys.  Though indoor cats generally enjoy playing by themselves, it may be a good idea specially for younger cats to meet cats from other households to engage in active play. Ever tried playing bite and scratch with your cat? Yeah, it wasn't particularly painless for us either. 



It's good for your cat's health

According to Purina, most indoor cats risk not getting enough exercise which can result in obesity. Through cat playdates, your cat has a chance to exert pent-up energy as well learn more about cat socialization. 


Make more furry friends

Once at the playdate, remember to always exercise patience. It may take a while for two cats to warm up to each other but let them do it at their own pace. The playdate venue is also important -- a US-based veterinarian explains that when cats find themselves in a place they've never been, they exhibit less territorial or adversarial behaviors. That said, watch out for any warning signals from your cat throughout the playdate.

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Connect with other cat parents

While your cats make new friends, you too can meet and connect with other cat parents. It's a great opportunity to learn from each other and build a support network in case of emergency or if anybody needs help to temporarily sit or foster a cat.

Guess what? There's a cat playdate happening in town!

If all these sound paw-some to you, the great news is there's a cat playdate happening in Singapore at the end of the month. Check out the details below:
Sign-up for Cathaus Playdate Party 

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