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Car owner rescues kitten under his car, helps find a forever home

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Cats have a penchant for hiding in tight spaces for security and warmth. One adventurous kitten wandered its way under a car parked inside a local mall. The (lucky) car owner recalls hearing some "meows" as he approached his car but could not find the source. Though as soon as he started the engine, the meowing got louder and seemed to be coming from underneath the car.


Alarmed, he immediately got out to inspect his car's underside - lo and behold, a tuxedo kitten was comfortably lodged in the car's axle beam. After successfully luring the kitten out, the car owner's next challenge was to find a forever home for the kitten. It might've strayed from its siblings and mother or worse, abandoned. 

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"I wanted to bring the kitten back home with me but pet regulations in my condo are always a challenge," says the car owner turned rescuer. This is indeed a common challenge for urban dwellers like Singapore. While many families or households may want to adopt or rescue cats, strict build regulations specially for private estates is a roadblock.


In the end, the car owner was lucky to find a willing adopter who took in the kitten on the same day. Hooray, tux kitty! If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are some quick tips to properly handle and care for that lost cat or kitten:

  1. Be patient. Kittens and cats have an instictive fear of humans and they won't usually heed your calls. Try to make a sound like "Psss, psss" to attract their attention. "Here kitty, kitty" or shouting at them is unlikely to get you anywhere.
  2. Prepare a tall box with lids and holes on the sides or ideally, a cat cage.
  3. Try to lure them with food, leave some kibbles or wet food so that it'll prompt them to voluntarily come out of their hiding place. Again, keep in mind #1.
  4. If it's a kitten less than 3 weeks old, you probably have high chances of exerting a bit more control on them (as long as you can physically reach and grab where they are). Do not attempt to bathe or wash the kitten.
  5. If possible, foster and care for the cat or kitten until you can find a permanent home. Volunteer groups such as the Cat Welfare Society in Singapore is a good place to start looking for willing adopters.
  6. If unsure, call emergecny contacts. In Singapore, the SPCA can help you with emergency cat and pet cases. 

Thinking of adopting a rescue cat? Check out this Infographic on cat expenses:

cat ownership expenses

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